Japanese Rockman DASH 3 Website Gets Overhaul

With things chugging along for Legends 3, the updates continue to come. The Japanese site for Rockman DASH 3 has gotten a total overhaul, and while most of the info concerns what we've already heard there are a few bits of interest. First off, you just have to love that rendition of the classic "Flutter theme" that plays over the site. Second, in the explanation of Barrett's actions, you can watch a few brief videos of additional footage, including a little ruins gameplay. I definitely hope that's in the prototype too!

Next, in the character dossiers, there's something interesting to note about the Bonnes. They have no image presently, and it says their design is "in development." Considering MegaMan and Roll have gotten design makeovers, it's only natural the Bonnes would get an update too! Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Finally, there is a cool and new Barrett wallpaper for your enjoyment in the downloads. Still, expect a "Legendary" version from the U.S. Devroom soon.

Thanks, Atomic Snowman!