Devroom Blog: The Big Announcement & All About Barrett

Well there is certainly a tremendous amount of chatter about with today's big Mega Man Legends 3 announcement! And it would seem a new face has stolen the spotlight for now. Given that, Eguchi-san has made a post explaining the reasoning behind Barrett and what to expect in the near future:

I suppose I should explain how Barrett came to be, though. When we started this project, we knew that it wouldn’t be able to sustain itself if all it did was replicate the previous games in the series. Things wouldn’t be that simple. We decided to create a new character to appear in a trial version of the game that would serve as a way to show off and explore the Legends series’ untapped potential at company conferences.

We wanted to see how we could create a more liberating, adventurous experience with the 3D open world concept, and the ideas quickly piled up. A buster gun for long-range combat, martial arts moves for close combat, and new special weapons! Wall-climbing and dashing! The ability to whip around through town on flying motorcycles!

It's definitely a great read. And while development is going at full force (we're at 25%!) it still seems a lot may rest on how well the Prototype Version is received next month. So be sure to spread the word and generate interest!

You can also find a report coming from Barrett's Japanese and English voice actors that you'll want to catch! And to recap, announcement of the Prototype Version is here, and additional footage from the NicoNico video event is here.

UPDATE: For more Barrett fun, check out his 3D model viewer! I have a feeling this one will have a lot less positioning from below than Aero...