New DASH 3 Devroom Hypes Announcement, Mystery Character

You may recall a tweet we forwarded about some big Legends 3 announcements coming this week. Coinciding with this, the Rockman DASH 3 page is getting an overhaul in preparation for the announcement over Nico Video this Thursday. Included with this is the silhouette of a youth with a feather in his cap (or, possibly a horrible brain tumor). The new Rockman DASH 3 page itself is not up yet, but the JP devroom is still accessible. Additionally, rocket progress has upped to an astounding 25%. Already a quarter way! I can only imagine what things will be like when we hit 100%. Also, a new blog post from Eguchi has provided more developmental screens from the game, circa December of last year. This includes a test in changing a setting from day to night. Very curious. Nevertheless, be sure to keep an eye out on the NA devroom for additional reciprocated info.

Update: The NA Devroom now has the localized blog entry. You can catch all the details Eguchi-san mentions, and once again it sounds like they're prepping for a big reveal!