Mega Man X Hits Wii VC with More to Come

We North American fans can rejoice today, because the SNES classic Mega Man X is finally arriving on the Wii's Virtual Console according to Nintendo. This has been long overdue I think, as Mega Man X is not just a fantastic Mega Man game, but definitely one of the best ever SNES games, period. If, by some strange twist of events, you never got a chance to play this title, do yourself a tremendous favor and pick it up. Mega Man X will run you 800 Wii points. Hopefully Europe will also be receiving it in short order. But there's more Mega Man to look forward to as well. An ESRB rating has shown up declaring the NES title Mega Man 5 coming to Wii sometime down the road. That'll definitely make Ash happy at least! At this rate it seems feasible we'll get the whole NES series on Virtual Console.

News Credit: Tenryo, Ghalheart, Protodude's Rockman Corner