Capcom Store Deal of the Week on Art Books

Over on Capcom Unity, they've announced a new Deal of the Week in their Capcom Store. Applicable to all of their available art books is an offer in which those who spend over $100 on said art books will not only receive a 40 percent discount, but they will also be given free shipping. If you've been twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a deal to come along before springing into action, then now might just be the time!

However, there is an unfortunate twist. We know that a number of you have probably already clicked over and made a beeline for the Mega Man X Official Complete Works art book. Sadly, that one is currently sold out. However, the Mega Man Official Complete Works and Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works books are still available for $39.95 and $34.95, respectively. Unless fans simply cleaned out the X books, it would seem this deal was ill-timed, as picking up all three would have made for some excellent one-stop shopping.

Nonetheless, if you are a fan of Capcom's other big hits, there are still some fine offerings to choose from, including The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Okami Official Complete Works, The Art of Resident Evil 5, and multiple offerings each for DarkStalkers, Street Fighter, and UDON's Art of Capcom.

In fact, it becomes even more interesting once you realize that Mega Man X Official Complete Works is the only one (as of this writing) which is sold out. With any luck, maybe some of the higher-ups at Capcom will take notice of this phenomena, and act accordingly (you know what we mean).