Pick the Design for MegaMan Volnutt

Of all the Devroom activities to come along, this one is pretty interesting despite its simplicity. The dev team is considering changing up MegaMan's appearance in Mega Man Legends 3, and letting the fans vote on which they like best. You can go with the original MML2 design, a second design that features a little more detail, and a third design that gives Mega Man more of human-wearing-armor appearance. I'm sure some of you might think that changing MegaMan's design would be blasphemous, but do recall that it did change ever so slightly between Legends and Legends 2 (namely with the addition of an orange backpack). And to be honest, the detailed Design B really stands out to me! Still, I'll have to consider this carefully. You should too; get voting! You have until April 25th to make your voice heard.