Duane and ThePlasmas Rhapsodize Mega Man 6

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago, a daring duo of singers with a fondness for nostalgic gaming put together a little music video to pay tribute to Mega Man 2. Now, one half of that duo has teamed up with another group to create an album which pays similar homage to one of the series's lesser-loved entries, Mega Man 6. Duane has joined with the ThePlasmas to create Action Adventure World v.s. ThePlasmas – Vol. 2 Mega Man VI (a follow-up to their Ghosts 'n Goblins collaboration), which contains 20 tracks of "insane battles, epic boss fights, explosion laden levels and rock rap filled music."

From the games intro, through every boss, and up to Dr. Wily and more, ThePlasmas and Duane of Action Adventure World throw down fast paced raps, shredding metal riffs, all coalescing into a half hour of in your face tunes all based around the amazing, but often overlooked NES classic Mega Man VI by Capcom. So strap on your armcannon, grab your robotic dog, and get ready to download some tunes to save the world to! 

You can find the link to download the album here, where you can also donate a little money for their efforts through PayPal ($5 being the suggested amount).

And it's probably worth nothing that we're a little late in getting to this; it was actually released on October 8th last year, but we only now learned of it, thanks to a tip from Ghalheart.

Finally, do note that if this is anything like the Mega Man 2 song, there is probably a significant amount of foul language in there; we haven't had a chance to listen all the way through for ourselves yet, but advise you to listen with caution, nonetheless.