Resonnant Vie Initial Track Samples

Here's a nice treat for you all. Although Inti Create's own soundtrack page does not yet have audio samples from the upcoming Rockman Zero Collection Soundtrack Kyoumei -resonnant vie-, we still have some samples for you to test out! These were recorded from the Spiceman Stream, a live podcast of sorts from the Spiceman crew (Ippo Yamada, Hitoshi Ariga and Yoshihiro Iwamoto). Because of how these were recorded, the quality isn't the best, and one of the guys occasionally raps his fingers during play. But I've done the best I can to increase their quality. This should give you a good taste of what the soundtrack will be like as a whole. [audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Holy Land Sample] Holy Land in Resonance (Zero 4)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Ice Brain Sample] Ice Brain in Resonance (Zero 2)

[audio:|titles=Resonnant Vie - Falling Down Sample] Falling Down in Resonance (Zero 4)