Game Informer Super Replays Mega Man Legends

We're not really sure how interested some of you are in watching other people play Mega Man Legends (what with the post about Capcom's fourth session garnering no replies at all), but it is a good way for people to catch up on everything which transpired in the first game (and one would hope the second and the prequel eventually, as well) before Mega Man Legends 3 comes out without doing a ton of reading. Besides, these are video games, so having some sort of more direct visual input can not be considered a bad thing here.

All of that aside, though we covered Capcom's efforts in retracing the steps of the heroic MegaMan of the far, far future, we have been remiss in ignoring Game Informer's efforts to do the same thing. They have been posting a new episode of their journey every other day, with today marking the sixth episode in their journey through what they call their "longest and most arduous" Super Replay to date.

You can find the latest video here, and the preceding five in links at the bottom of the article.