Mega Man in Nintendo Power: Archie Interview, Poll Results, and More

Volume 266 of Nintendo Power magazine, the April 2011 issue, is now reaching newsstands and subscribers alike, and it features a nice selection of goodness for Blue Bomber fans. The first item of note is the results from the online poll for which Mega Man X boss has the worst name. Optic Sunflower would be the one to take the dubious honor, though he was closely followed by Wire Sponge. The remaining votes went to Duff McWhalen, Tornado Tonion, and Squid Adler.

The "Community" section features the custom action figure works of Jin Saotome, which we've looked at previously on this very site.

But the big ticket item of note, so to speak, is the three-page interview conducted with Ian Flynn and Patrick Spaziante, the respective writer and artist for the upcoming Mega Man comic from Archie Comics. In addition to the first full-color look at interior art of scenes we've previously viewed as line art and all-new pages, there is, of course, plenty of talk about the book.

Among the questions asked is "How true do you plan to stay to the video games?" Ian responds:

I want to stay fairly true to the games. By that I mean the 10 main games of the classic series, the Game Boy games, and some of the lesser-known games on other consoles. There will be spikes, there will be platforming, and plenty of nods to the games that made this comic possible. That said, "Mega Man runs to the right and shoots a robot" doesn't make for an engaging story, so we'll be spending a fair amount of time looking at the characters and seeing what drives them to enter these dangerous circumstances.

The article touches on plenty of other details, including that the first four-issue arc will be "heavily based" on the first game, and "After that, we'll follow the chronology of the game stories, occasionally pausing to tell a story of our own."

And of course, there is information on what to expect from the art as well. Asked if there might be any potential Easter Eggs included to appeal to the hardcore fans, Spaz said:

Oh, definitely, I encourage fans to comb the pages of the premier issue of Mega Man to find hidden nods to not only Mega Man, but also Capcom-related imagery.

For more from Ian and Spaz, be sure to grab the newest issue of Nintendo Power, where you'll also find more of the interior images like the one seen at the top of this article. And of course, don't forget that you can also give us your questions for the comic's creatives for our upcoming interview, which will probably see some overlap with the content from this article.