The TMMN Megacast #7 - Conspiracies Abound!

A travel-worn man approaches you. You've been living underneath the shadows of lies, he says. But, he is ready to illuminate your vision. Illuminate it with truth. Do you follow this man on his journey of enlightenment? Nonsensical stories aside, here is the latest Megacast. It's a little late I'll admit, but it's our longest podcast yet; just crossing over two hours! I assure you this is not a goal we're continuing to aim for. In this episode, the crew's discussion largely centers around Inti Creates, where we give our thoughts on the dev's Mega Man titles, as well as take a particularly close look at Mega Man ZX in our game club.

Additionally, we also go over the current status of Mega Man Legends 3, and then I question if Mega Man is still just a game anymore. Also, our musical break features the song Slash Claw from Joshua Morse's album Mega Man: The Robot Museum. Lastly, there is definitely no contest after the musical break. Enjoy the show!




Andy is on vacation so hopefully he doesn't mind me playing with a photo of his...