Have Questions About Archie's Mega Man Comic? Send Them Our Way!

The release of the first issue of Archie's Mega Man comic will soon be upon us. Have you subscribed yet? Don't forget, doing so allows you to get a free autographed poster, signed by artist Patrick Spaziante. But perhaps you are hesitant to subscribe for some reason or another. Maybe you aren't sure whether Archie is up to the task, or Dreamwave's production in the early 2000's left a bad taste in your mouth. Perhaps you simply have other doubts, questions which need to be answered before you feel secure in handing over your money each month for a dose of Blue Bomber goodness.

Worry not! We're here to help. Until midnight PST on Sunday, April 3rd, we are taking your questions about the comic for the fine folks at Archie Comics, which we will deliver in an interview to be posted soon after.

To participate in this, you can either e-mail us at the.mega.man.network @ gmail.com with the subject "Archie Mega Man Interview," or simply leave a question in the comments below (for the purposes of this interview, we ask that only your questions are posted and conversation be taken elsewhere; we hear there's a nice forum which is just perfect for that stuff).

So ask, Mega Man fans! For everlasting monthly serial adventures!