Mega Man Battle Network 10th Anniversary: Mystery Data Roundup Edition

So Mega Man Battle Network has reached its 10th anniversary milestone, and we here at The Mega Man Network have celebrated by saying a few words and looking back at the video history of the franchise. And while Capcom has not really said anything on the matter (seemingly viewing the entire Mega Man franchise as a singular entity, rather than as many different series), don't think that we are the only ones celebrating! Over at Rockman Corner, Protodude has said a few words of his own, and beyond that, managed to dig up and post some vintage Mega Man Battle Network announcement assets, featuring early magazine scans, art, and logos from when it appeared that Capcom might localize the game as "Mega Man EXE."

If that bit of the past wasn't enough of a blast for you, then The Reploid Research Lavatory may have just what you're looking for. #20 has dug up a number of pieces of early production art and notes from the Battle Network Rockman EXE Official Guidebook. Among other things, Lan, Mayl, and ProtoMan have certainly come a long way! And did you know that Rush had a full-bodied appearance long before appearing in the anime, and apparently doesn't get along very well with Data?

Here's to you, MegaMan.EXE. Maybe we'll get another chance to see you in action in the next ten years.