Ippo Yamada Announces New Rockman Zero Album

There are no details yet, as this just comes from a tweet. But next week, Ippo Yamada plans to release details on a new Rockman Zero album. Wonder what it could be! All this Rockman Zero attention lately sure is a tad suspect. Update: While the major announcement is still forthcoming, Ippo Yamada did mention some details about the album on Spiceman live stream. The album is being made to coincide with the reduced-price re-release of Rockman Zero Collection, and will be released next month. The temporary name for the album is "Rezonaview" (this may be the French raisonnable or "reasonable"), but seems to not be part of the "Remastered Tracks" series. On the stream, Ippo did play a portion of Clover (Zero 2's ending) arranged in piano. Violin arrangement is expected too.

Info via CAP Kobun, COCOROG, Spiceman @ Stream