Hitoshi Ariga and More Respond to Earthquake

Earlier the other day, Hitoshi Ariga updated his blog with the sentiment that in times of great crisis, such as Japan faced last week, everybody is capable of being a hero. Ariga himself was moved with a letter, which he later posted, from a child who gave him thanks, as reading his Rockman Gigamix comic helped lift his spirits in response to the earthquake. Now, to help other children lift their spirits and keep their minds off the disaster, Ariga started a coloring contest. He has posted line art from book covers of his original Rockman Maniacs series, and people may print them out and color them any way they please. They can also share the pictures any way, including their own blogs or on TwitPic, etc. Ariga will also open a bulletin board for people to upload pics. He will also be giving out prizes for each of the three difficulties presented, which for now includes reprints of special post cards and bookmarks from Megamix and Gigamix, which he will sign if desired. He may also intend to give away some of his own Rockman goods.

Capcom is also doing their part. They are currently putting Street Fighter IV for iPhone on sale, with 100% of the proceeds going to relief efforts in Japan. Unfortunately, Capcom, along with other companies, have had to suspend upcoming events like the Monster Hunter Festa for concerns of safety following the earthquake. However, the 3DS Experience Event in Akihabara appears to still be taking place for the time being. Hopefully it can still go on to provide fun for many people seeking positive things.

And of course, YOU can help too. There are numerous methods to sending relief to Japan, some as simple as just sending a text message from your phone. Every bit helps, and for a country that has given us so much awesome stuff, please give even a little back to them.

Thank you Rock Miyabi, for the notice about Ariga.