Rockman Online Update Yields "Patriot of the Desert" and SD Layer

A new Rockman Online update has gone live on the game's official blog, and appears to be a message coming to us from the navigator Layer, who is now sporting the same style previously seen on Alia. As for the actual text, it's in Korean. And unfortunately, there is no one currently around to work their translation magic, so I'm resorting to Google Translate for the time being, with the hopes that maybe Heat Man can clarify things later.

The message, given the title "[Gaia] patriot of the desert - yiregyulreo information," opens with the acquisition of aerial imagery of a desert base (from the previously-reported Deserts of Gaia), where the situation is most dire. There seems to be concern surrounding some characters' deaths, and the rapidly-increasing temperature of the area's artificial suns.

Some condescending remarks are made about the URA (Ultimate Reploid Association), including "ignorant" and "stupid," and it sounds as though the increasing heat of the artificial suns may have dried out an area of the sea, turning it into the desert shown in the image below:

In addition, it seems there are some captured enemy Mechaniroids, which have some details given about them:

"Lloyd Camera" (really?) has a camera housed within which is built to withstand extreme heat, and has long legs which are "resilient" and "flexible," which allow it to operate in the desert sands. They wander the deserts and spout flames from their mouths.

Or at least, that's what the Google translation looks like. The enemy actually very closely resembles the Cameloid robots from the desert stage of Mega Man Zero, and the flame-spewing seems to only solidify that. In fact, there's a good chance this thing doesn't have a camera at all, and "Lloyd Camera" is just a really bad (and backwards) translation for "Cameloid."

The next enemy is labeled as "Sasorinu," which appears to be a modified version of the Sasoreenu robots which occupied Pharaoh Man's stage in Mega Man 4. Which stands to reason, as we've already had a glimpse of the regal Robot Master's return.

Next, we have this mysterious image:

The text seems to indicate that this foe is able to maneuver easily beneath the waves of sand. No name is given, but it seems to closely resemble the Mecha Scorpia from the opening stage of Mega Man Zero 2.

And finally, we have a full picture of Layer herself:

More as it becomes available, and be sure to check back later; with any luck, we might have a little more information from the post.