Mega Man Legends 3: Still Not Greenlit?

How much of a game can be made before it is greenlit to go into production? It seems to be an odd question, but apparently, the open development process of Mega Man Legends 3 may just allow us to find out. One may recall a couple of weeks ago when we looked at what was happening in the Mega Man Legends 3 Devroom blog. At the time, Director Masakazu Eguchi was preparing for a meeting where he would attempt to get the go-ahead for the title from his superiors at Capcom. We've also heard from programmers, been taken inside the voice recording process, had a character model designed for a new cast member, and more.

Oh, and don't forget, the game will be playable at the company's “Nintendo 3DS X Capcom Premium Trial Event” in Akihabara, Tokyo, later this month.

All for a game which isn't even greenlit.

It seemed odd at the time, but most have seemingly ignored it, assuming that with all the work that has been done, Mega Man Legends 3 would be a sure thing. But apparently, that is not the case.

A report from Siliconera reveals that there is still a chance that the game could face cancellation, and spoke with Capcom's Seth Killian to get the full story.

"It’s been really cool, but it’s been kind of scary in a lot of ways also," Killian revealed in an interview with the site. "Just recently we had a post where the team talked about how the game hasn’t been greenlit."

"They were saying like ‘well, we got an extension, so we’re going to keep working on the game.’ Does this mean it’s actually going to be made? Not 100% and that’s true. It’s kind of weird because we were talking about it internally and maybe we shouldn’t say that. It’s sort of a weird message or maybe it will upset some people. And it did actually upset some people."

"But, the team really does has this idea that they want to share things with people for real. And they did. There is a chance that we won’t see the game for real, but we are all crossing our fingers. That’s the real story of game development, they get canceled all the time."

Siliconera notes that in addition to the apparently-unconfirmed Legends 3, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition will be available to play at the Akihabara event, and they will bring impressions of those three games tomorrow.

More importantly, this should probably serve as notice and a wake-up call that Legends fans are not in the clear yet. Now that Keiji Inafune is gone from Capcom, and whatever pull he had there gone with him, we will need to remain vigilant and vocal if we want to make sure Capcom goes through with creating the third entry in the series.