Free Archie Mega Man Posters for PAX East Attendees (with a Slight Catch)

Remember the Archie Mega Man posters, autographed by artist Patrick Spaziante, which were promised to those who would sign up for a subscription to the upcoming Mega Man comic book? If you don't, here is a refresher, showing the one our very own Tabby received a few weeks ago. Now, suppose you aren't going in for the subscription, but you'd still like to hang this bad-boy from your wall. If that describes your situation, then there is good news! That is, if you're attending PAX East this weekend.

We've received word from Archie's Jonathan "Dub" Gray that Life with Archie magazine editor Suzannah Rowntree will also be attending the convention. "What does that have to do with Mega Man," you may ask?

As it happens, she will be posting on her Twitter account, @SuzAnimated, at random times from Friday through Sunday, informing people where she is located. Find her, and you'll be able to take home a Mega Man poster of your very own. Of course, they are limited to one per person, and are first come, first serve.

For those who subscribed, worry not: while the art on these posters is by Patrick Spaziante, they will be missing the autograph subscribers are receiving.

Gray adds that "if you're in the area it's a nice way to show your support for Archie's take on the Blue Bomber and have a nice souvenir to take home with you! Check it out and have fun! :) "

Thanks for the heads-up, Dub!