MegaHouse Releasing Rockman Figure Line

The toys, the toys, the toys. They just keep coming! This time figure manufacturer MegaHouse is jumping in on the action, and plans to release a Rockman themed lined of their "Game Characters Collection Mini" series. You can see an example of the line here. A total of 12 are being produced for this series, including Rockman, Roll, Blues, Robot Masters and color variations representing boss weapons. There will also be an E Can bonus item. Each figure will be roughly 30mm in height. The line is expected to launch in Japan in the middle of June, and run ¥399 per figure (roughly $4.82 US). While not explicitly mentioned, there's a good likelihood that these are trading figures, meaning you can only buy random figures unless you pick up a whole complete set. This is how MegaHouse has released other figures in the same series, like Persona 3 & 4. Pre-order details should be announced soon. (Thanks to Jonathan of Tomopop for the insight.)

Update: A listing at Happinet Online has revealed the entire set, which includes Elec Man, Air Man (can't beat 'im), Snake Man and Skull Man, as well as the respective special weapon colorings for Mega Man. The 12th figure is a secret figure, although it appears to be just Rock without his armor. The box set will be available for ¥4788 (roughly $57.81 US) but many online retailers will probably have a pre-order discount. They're certainly cute, and give an idea what MMPU might have been like if it carried on.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog (Image via Protodude's Rockman Corner)