Rockman DASH 3 Playable in Tokyo This Month

Have to admit, I thought it'd be ages before we'd see a playable build of Legends 3, but in Japan it's coming up pretty soon! This Tuesday, on the 29th, Capcom will hold a special "Nintendo 3DS X Capcom Premium Trial Event" in Akihabara, Tokyo, where they will offer a playable version of Rockman DASH 3, along with Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Biohazard The Mercenaries 3D. The event will run from 3PM to 8PM. If you happen to be in Akihabara around the time, then by all means send in your thoughts on the demo! I should also say, if Capcom is this far along with a Legends 3 build, then hopefully there's a good chance we'll see it at one of the upcoming gaming events here in the west too!

Thanks for the tip, Toshihisa!