Robot Marathon Tests Metal Mettle

This report is a little late, but we only just found out about it from Yahoo! and the Associated Press's report from earlier yesterday. In case it wasn't already obvious, we've pretty much missed the deadline of 200X to get Robot Masters up and ready to take the world by storm. However, that doesn't mean that things aren't well underway in Japan, where four robots took part in a marathon to see not only which mechanical form had the greatest endurance, but also which designers were capable of staying on their toes when things get rough:

The PlayStation controller is a nice touch.

And, if you're wondering how the marathon went in its final moments, look no further than the following video:

Just think: these are like the young infants which will give way to the full-sized robots of the future. And once they start giving them shades and putting scissors on their heads, all bets will be off.