Mega Man in Nintendo Power Awards, New NP Poll, and More

At the end of December, we informed you that the Blue Bomber was in the running for the annual Nintendo Power Awards, with Mega Man 10 being nominated in four categories: "Overall Game of the Year," "WiiWare Game of the Year," "Best Action Game," and "Best Retro Revival." Now, the March 2011 issue is on newsstands and reaching subscribers' mailboxes, and the results are in! While Mega Man 10 unfortunately did not take away any honors from the magazine staff (admittedly, there was some pretty stiff competition), the Readers' Choice is another story. There, Mega Man 10 managed to squeak away with one award, that being the year's "Best Action Game," which the staff awarded to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

Well, at least that one has MegaMan Volnutt, Roll, and Zero in it. That's sort of a victory.

As for the other categories, the Best Retro Revival was given to Donkey Kong Country Returns unanimously. Of course, as we noted before, the Blue Bomber's retro revival was really in the previous year's Mega Man 9, so this would have simply been a bonus.

For "WiiWare Game of the Year," the NP staff picked Cave Story, while readers chose Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. And for "Overall Game of the Year," let's face it: the unanimous voting for Super Mario Galaxy 2 was a tremendous mountain to climb.

But really, that's okay. We all know that Mega Man Legends 3 is coming, and when that is released on the Nintendo 3DS, that's when the competition gets real for the Man in Blue. This was just the warm-up bout.

Elsewhere in the magazine, one reader by the name of "Chariblaze" took issue with Senior Editor Chris Hoffman stating "oh, the horror!" at the lack of a new Star Force title in 2010 when announcing the Mega Man Battle Network and Star Force Complete Works books. Hoffman went on to explain himself:

Look, Char, all I was saying is that it might not hurt if Capcom took a year off and tried to revitalize the franchise instead of just cranking out--I'm... I'm sorry, OK? I didn't mean to say bad things about Mega Man. I didn't mean it!

Please, Inafune-san, come back to us! I didn't mean to offend you! How could you leave Capcom? How could you leave Mega Man? How could you leave me?! I promise not to besmirch the name of Mega Man anymore, even when he's some freakish alien/human hybrid riding radio waves! Why, Inafune-san, why?!

[Falls to his knees and sobs]


Finally, the new Nintendo Power Poll, whose results will appear in the April 2011 issue (volume 266), is now online. This month's poll features one Mega Man-related question: "What is the worst Mega Man X boss name?" Choices are Wire Sponge, Tornado Tonion, Duff McWhalen, Squid Adler, and Optic Sunflower.

This vote went to the X7 boss; not because of the game he hails from, but "Tonion"? Really? Really?

...and that's all we're going to say about that.

The poll also features lists of upcoming games for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS, in which you can vote for the games you are most looking forward to. Among the 3DS titles, of course, is Mega Man Legends 3, so you may want to show your support for the title by voting here.

And that's it for this month.