Guts (Man)... Do You Have It? Mega Man #2 "Villain Variant Cover" Revealed

Recently, a solicitation for the second issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book was made available, showing off the cover for all to see. And as we've learned today, it too will apparently have an alternative cover. This "Villain Variant Cover" features none other than the original powerhouse Robot Master of super-strength, Guts Man, as lovingly rendered by fan-favorite artist Patrick Spaziante. Look below for how the cover will appear (pending licensor approval, of course).

This image was found over at Comixology, where you can pre-order it before June 8th for $2.39, a 20 percent savings off the $2.99 cover price.

Hopefully Archie doesn't get too carried away with the variant covers, though... this could get expensive!

Thanks for the find, Sockie!