A Look at Mega Man Legends 3's Development (Update)

While I know a lot of fun and intrigue has been had in assisting with the development of Legends 3, here is what I'm sure a lot of you have really been waiting for. The above images are a taste of what the game currently looks like in development. These were released by Masakazu Eguchi on the Capcom of Japan Devroom blog. It looks like things are coming along really well, and the game is gorgeous!

Additionally, Eguchi-san also showed off a number of images from previous builds of the game, going back as far as June of last year. You can see those, and their interesting attributes, after the break.

Update: The Capcom Unity Devroom has updated with the English version of Eguchi-san's blog post. Now you can read exactly what the deal is with classic Mega Man running around in Legends!

News Credit: GoNintendo (via AndriaSang)

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