At Long Last, the Valentines Blues Winners

Folks, I gotta get something off my chest. I love these contests we do, but I find it harder and harder to settle on winners with each one. It seems like each time we get more entries, more passion. And frankly, the response to this contest blew all of us away. I feel like we could have offered more. And if we keep getting strong responses like this, we just may! It took quite a bit of deliberation to pick two winners, to the point that we actually brought on a special guest judge, jgonzo from Capcom Unity! Thanks for the assist, jgonzo!

Anyway, since the winning images are staring you in the face, I must now congratulate the two winning artists: Ruby and HJ Hikari!  Congratulations to you both, you should be receiving e-mails on how to collect your prizes already. I also have a special message from Tabby, who of course was pretty central to this contest:

"This was probably the hardest art contest we've ever had to judge on TMMN. There were so many great entries, and it made it extremely tough to pick through them. You all should be very proud. I know there can only be two winners, but every single person in this contest accomplished their goal. They melted my cold evil heart. Well done. I shall now be printing these out and rolling around in them happily."

And you can too, because we've made up a gallery of all the entries. So, I guess that's another contest wrapped up. Again, thanks to everyone who entered! And remember, there are always going to be more contests, so keep on entering!

Check out the entries!