Here is Your Winning MML3 Reaverbot Design

With over 400 entries from Japan and the west for the devs to choose from, they finally settled on this truly unique and fascinating design "Calamity" by Capcom Unity Devroom member kankan. Congrats kankan, we look forward to battling against your design! With the devs fancying designs this interesting, I can bet Legends 3 is going to have some of the strangest Reaverbots yet. The special runner up was Japan Devroom member beatinggun with his design of "Dantragoty." And the additional runner ups are Ziifee, NOCO, Boris and Invader Dan. Check out their designs and details in full in the Devroom post, as well as the honorable mentions by various Devroom staff! And really, good work on everyone who entered! Also be sure to check out Kinako's two latest reports, one concerning "Mr. Famous" and the other delivering some Valentine's sweetness.

And of course, the Town Easter Egg Event is still running!