Rockman Online Update: The Deserts of Gaia

We have a new update with Rockman Online today concerning an unfortunate circumstance. The report states that the outskirts of Gaia, where an environment an environment enrichment facility is located, instantly became desert after the facility's artificial sun was infiltrated by a virus and went berserk. The sudden beams of heat released left little more than the remain of plants and Mechaniloid bones. During the wars many years ago, humans and other living creatures were forced off of land that gradually became uninhabitable. They began to create settlements around the frozen lands of the north and south pole with the aid of environmental equipment like artificial suns. Many of these facilities still remain in the present, such as in the area of the northern hemisphere managed by Gaia.

A number of repair teams were sent to deal with the artificial sun, as well as the spreading virus, but they were unprepared and perished to the sun's effects. Now the Hunters Agency is preparing a military operation to defend against the spread of the desert regions as well as the virus infected robots that remain.

Many thanks, HeatPhoenix.