Plot Any Course to Victory with the Mega Map II T-Shirt

Interested in finding a new Mega Man t-shirt for your wardrobe, but feel that most offerings out there lack subtlety? After all, many tend to feature large pixel art graphics or logos for the brand, which makes some people feel like walking billboards. If this sounds like your feelings on the subject, then perhaps we have just the shirt for you. And by "we," we mean "15-Bit Gamer," purveyor of gameplay-related apparel.

Thanks to a tip from Kevin, we now know that they are currently accepting pre-orders for the Mega Map II" t-shirt, which provides a handy diagram of which weapons work on which bosses from Mega Man 2. The design is printed on "100% cotton American Apparel 2001 t-shirts," and will be going for $19.00 USD each, plus shipping, which will begin at the end of February.

For a better view of the design, simply look below.