Rockman Dot Straps the Next Big Thing

There's been so much Rockman/Mega Man merchandise being pumped out these days that we may need to open another site just for it. Capcom of Japan is teaming up with Creative Union to produce a series of Rockman sprite themed decorative straps: Rockman Dot Strap Collection vol. 1, which you can attach to anything you feel like putting a decorative strap onto. The first volume contains a total of nine straps, representing the main characters of the classic series. Seven of these are revealed, but two additional straps are still a secret. oThe straps will go on sale in May, and you can already preorder them from AmiAmi or HLJ (or e-Capcom if you live in Japan). They are made of PVC and roughly 40mm in size. While I imagine the straps are intended to be sold individually, you can only get them in box sets of eight for now (which sort of indicates a box doesn't net you a whole set) for ¥3,998 (roughly $46 US), although the above mentioned sites have discounts. Still, a bit of money to put down for a bunch of straps.

What's more, the second set is already in the works. Revealed at Wonder Fest, volume 2 appears to contain all the DRN numbers, plus additional secrets (image below). I really don't know what you'd need all these straps for, but if they're up your alley, cool!

News Credit: Heidi (GameSwag), Aldo, CAP Kobun (image via CafeReo Blog)