Mega Man Olympics, FINAL STAGE!!!!!!!!

We've come a long way, and Ucchy-san and jgonzo finally reach the final stage of the Mega Man Olympics. In this climactic challenge, both must chug three ice cold E-Tank drinks. Considering they just got done wolfing down jalapenos, this is probably going to be rough. But it's all in the name of Mega Man, so that makes them both winners!

If you've really enjoyed watching these two compete and make fools of themselves for your entertainment, you should give them some kind words. You can pester jgonzo via Twitter via @Capcom_Unity, and Ucchy-san via @Rockman_Unity (who knows limited English).

And of course, here is the recap (took me all this time to realize a tag link makes so much more sense).

Via Rockman Unity and Capcom Unity.