Proto on Proto: A Kotobukiya Figure Review

As longtime fans know, for many years, Bandai's Rockman 8 Ironbuster Blues model kit long stood as perhaps the best example of an action figure or model kit based on the prototypical older brother of the Blue Bomber. But more recently, a company by the name of Kotobukiya has gotten into the model kit game and began producing a line of product which has so far included Rockman and Roll, who both preceded the mighty DRN-000, and are slated for an eventual Western release. Of course, you've probably seen the pictures, and while those are worth about a thousand words each, sometimes you still need to know more about a product before buying it. And that's where today's feature comes into play.

One fan by the name of Protoman X, who runs the ProtoRetro reviews channel on YouTube, tipped us off to his latest edition, in which he thoroughly examines his namesake, as well as provides a little history lesson of what Blues/Proto Man has gone through to reach this point in his collectible lifespan:

If that has whet your appetite, then don't forget that we are currently running a Valentine's Day fanart contest in which the winner gets to take home one such figure!

ProTip: Tabby will probably give more points to someone whose picture features Proto Man wining, dining, or otherwise romancing her. Just keep it clean, and the rules are here for further reference.