Leviathan Garage Kit to Grace Wonder Fest 2011

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Last year garage kit group Yama Tai Koku brought us Harpuia and Phantom, and coming next week at Japan's Winter 2011 Wonder Festival, Leviathan will go on sale too. For the uninitiated (which admittedly includes me too), these garage kits are a fan labor of love, and sell exclusively through events like Wonder Festival. They become pretty difficult and pretty expensive to obtain for people outside of Japan.

Leviathan here, like her brother kits, will be fully poseable and cast in color parts. She will also come with a special illustrated postcard. Her Wonder Fest price will be ยฅ8,000 (roughly $98 US... ouch). Still, if you're that infatuated, you will want to keep your eyes on sites like Tokyo Hunter or Tatsu Hobby, the latter having carried Harpuia and Phantom last year (which were probably recasts, although that makes them more affordable too).

Pics of the completed kit have yet to be issued, but for nowhere are some progress pics to enjoy. Hopefully they are near done, Wonder Fest is next week!

News Credit: CAP Kobun