Blues Introduced in Rockman Online (UPDATE)

A new update on the Rockman Online blog. After having an encounter with Rightot, Alia received a great deal of data on "ancient robots." Apparently, Sigma and the URA have also been deeply researching the old robots of the past. As an example, she shares the information on a robot known as Blues. The bulk of the article recounts Blues' back story, such as how he fled Dr. Light who tried to repair his faulty power supply, how he took up being the battle robot "Breakman" under Dr. Wily, and how he dropped that role after meeting Rockman and becoming more of a "loner hero," sticking to himself except during times when Rock gets into trouble.

Being a legendary red robot of a lonely disposition, Alia wonders if Blues somehow as any relation with Zero, and she'd like a chance to meet him. However, she also realizes that such old robots ought to be rusty andbroken down by now, and can't fathom why Sigma is interested in them. She also says next time she will reveal data she got on a blue robot who seems very similar to X.

There's no mention of Blues being a playable character class, and though you might think so with his sporty new armor, I seem to recall NeoWiz saying that Duo would be the only character class based on an ancient robot. But I think moreover, it's worth wondering that, with URA invested in studying ancient robots (and I think we know why), which side is Blues going to be on?

Update (1/28): A small update opens a poll for exactly how users want Blues's name to be written. Apparently, the common writing for Blues is slightly different from its original Japanese counterpart. Rockman Online was intending to reflect the Japanese writing, but is now letting fans decide. Also, another small detail is revealed: rather than being a physical article, Blues's scarf is a beam scarf. The implications of this are left up in the air. (Thanks HeatPhoenix!)