Kotobukiya Roll Contest Winners

Hey folks! I'm sorry it's taken this long to announce the results of our New Year's themed Kotobukiya Roll model kit contest. I'm sure some of you have been a little anxious! We got an amazing number of responses, over 250! It was a pretty simple contest, but that's probably the biggest response we've ever had! But we here at TMMN went through the responses, chewed it out, and concluded on two lucky people to win the kits. And those two people are...

Sarah and Aldaric!

First and foremost, congratulations to you both! Sarah has already been sent her prize. However, Aldaric, we have emailed you twice now and not yet heard back from you! Please check your Hotmail account or email us ASAP! If we don't hear from you I'll probably have to give the kit to jgonzo. He has a thing for Roll. (Edit: Thanks Ald, sent your kit!) Hit the break to see their entries.

And to everyone else, thank you for participating! I'm sorry you didn't get selected, but we'll always be having more contests in the future, so stay tuned!


Aha! Sweet contest!

Hmm… now, what would she resolve to do-aha!

Roll’s resolution (in note-to-self format)

Dear self,

This year, I resolve to go out and have some fun! Last year was nice and all, but beating people up with a broom tends to give them the wrong idea. I now have to do all the cleaning up around here!

This year, I resolve to get Rock to do it for once!

Then again, he can be pretty stubborn about cleaning… I might just have to chase him to do it. Ah well! Barring that, I’l just tie a mop to Rush’s tail.

That should do it!


To be as strong as Gutsman. To be as fast with her thoughts as QuickMan. To be as cool of personality as ColdMan. To be as stealthy with her problems as SnakeMan. To be as funny as ClownMan. To look like a dame, like SplashWoman. To have brilliant ideas, like BrightMan. To have a blazing spirit, like HeatMan. To accept her defects within her other self, like GeminiMan. To be more independent, like ProtoMan. To be as intelligent as like Dr.Light. And most importantly, to be as brave, correct and have her own will power as Megaman.

All this while still being as cute and adorable as herself, Roll.