Mega Man 2 Retro Remix Album

Looking for yet another fix of arranged Mega Man music? Artist The Greatest Bits has recently released a Mega Man 2 themed album containing the majority of Mega Man 2's music, given the retro treatment but with a bit of a kick. I really do love chiptune music myself and I definitely got into some of the samples, especially Heat Man, Quick Man and Flash Man. On the other hand, Mega Man 2 is an especially popular choice for game music arrangers, and with as much variety out there I felt a couple track seemed a bit too plain, such as Air Man and Wily Stage 1-2. But overall, I might see myself grabbing this. If you do dig the album, or at least some of it, you can purchase individual tracks or the full album digitally via Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby. Just to note, the iTunes shop is quoted in Euros instead of US dollars, so using the other two options will save you a little money.

Thanks, The Greatest Bits!