Kotobukiya Mugs Going on Sale, Roll Puzzle Too

Previously we reported that Kotobukiya would have a couple of Mega Man themed mugs on sale at their in store event this Friday, but it was uncertain if they'd be going on regular sale. Well, it appears the mugs will be hitting the e-Capcom store on February 28th, for ¥1,050 a piece (roughly $12.79 US). So this is hopefully a good indication of them being produced on a larger scale, and may even hit importers.

Additionally, since Kotobukiya clearly foresaw there'd be a lot of fans of the design on the Roll mug, they've also used the artwork to create a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle entitled "Roll! Roll! Roll!" This will be available at the 2011 Winter Wonder Festival next month for ¥1,890. Of course, in this case, no word if it will be going on large scale production yet.

News Credit: CAP Kobun