Legends 3 Event 4: Build a Reaverbot

The next Mega Man Legends 3 event is upon us, and I think this is one that many people have been waiting for: Design a Reaverbot. You know, the creepy and mysterious robots that patrol the ruins in the Mega Man Legends world. The Devroom heads are looking for a design for a four-legged Reaverbot. The time for submission will run from now until February 1st, 5PM PST (Tuesday). All people who submit a design will receive 5000 Unity Points. Runner ups will receive 10,000 Unity Points and a special badge. The grand prize winner gets 30,000 Unity Points, a special badge, a premium Servbot number AND their name in the credits!

There are a lot of details for this one, so be sure to read all the conditions and guidelines carefully! Especially since you only have a couple of weeks on this one! The page also has plenty of suggestions and general design elements for Reaverbots. Good luck to everybody!

Hmmm, what's a cool and creepy Reaverbot design...