Marvel vs. Capcom 3: The Many Faces of Zero & Tron

Those who have been following the news on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 should already be fully aware that the likes of Zero and Tron Bonne are included among the ranks of Capcom's heroes and villains for the crossover fighting extravaganza. Unfortunately, as time goes on and more characters are revealed, whether or not an actual Mega Man is revealed be it Rock, Volnutt, or another, seems less and less certain.

Likewise, whether any more Mega Man characters, such as Roll, are to appear is perhaps equally uncertain. Nonetheless, a recent flood of information on the title would seem to indicate that more characters from across the franchise will indeed have a presence, albeit not necessarily in the form one might expect.

As fans of the series know, each character is equipped with a number of "alternate attires," to help distinguish between players who choose the same character, as well as show a little fanservice. And while not quite as logical as depicting Iron Man or She-Hulk in the many variations of their common outfits that have been worn over the years (or characters who appear the same but for color, such as Red Hulk), Zero and Tron each have their own outfits which seem to regard other cast members from their series.

Courtesy of Destructoid, behold:

As you can see, each hosts three striking new looks, in addition to their standard appearances. Courtesy of the following screens from, we will take a look at each one a little more in-depth. And as with all images in this article, you may click to enlarge for a much higher resolution.

First up, we have Zero, who in this image is sporting the colors of his longtime friend and Maverick hunting partner, Mega Man X. While some may just as soon regard this as simply "Mega Man," the red jewels make this a clear throwback to Dr. Light's final creation.

Joining him is Tron, who has apparently dyed her hair and taken on a new outfit to appear similar to Roll Caskett. Perhaps this is her way of trying to trick MegaMan Volnutt into running away with her? Well, there have been stranger plans.

(As an aside, this writer affectionately refers to this version as "Trolln.")

Next, we see Zero donning the colors of another Maverick Hunter, this time newcomer Axl. While not as effective at changing his appearance as Axl's own shape-shifting abilities, it is nonetheless a neat look. Too bad he won't have the Axl Bullets to chip away at his opponents' life bars.

And with him once again is Tron, who has a rather unusual look, with white clothing and a sort of reddish-blond hair color. It's been suggested that perhaps this color scheme is meant to approximate Kattelox Island Mayor Amelia's appearance. Wouldn't that be an odd character to homage?

Last, but certainly not least, we have this final pair of alternate appearances. And truth be told, we're admittedly at a loss for Tron's black-and-gold attire. Given she's been seen sporting an orange outfit in some merchandise, and the color scheme or either Sera or Yuna would seem perfectly viable, we really aren't sure what this look is meant to evoke. Have some idea? Tell us in the comments!

As for Zero... some may be quick to jump to the conclusion that this is "Black" Zero, also known as his Hyper Mode in Mega Man X Command Mission, but look closer: the choices and placement of colors are not the same.

Folks, this is not Black Zero. This is Bass.

Don't believe us? See for yourself, with this sprite of Zero's armor from Sprites, Inc. and this image of Bass, from our own gallery:

The richer gold of the MVC3 costume is much more evocative of Bass, as are the blue jewels in the place of green on his chest. In addition, the codpiece and central helmet area match what Bass wears, rather than Black Zero, as does the color scheme of the shoulder armor and gauntlets.

Of course, this all also leaves one to wonder why they chose other characters for Zero to represent, rather than different colors of Zero. Black Zero, Nightmare Zero, and perhaps even "Mega Man" Zero would all have been suitable choices. Maybe someday, we can get an answer from Capcom on that one.

Finally, there is some new footage (courtesy of Destructoid) of this twosome in action, along with more from the roster:

And that does it for our coverage here, as we are chiefly interested in the Mega Man portions of the game for our purposes. For those of you who are interested in the rest, including such things as the recent reveal of Mayor Mike Haggar (a suitable opponent for Tron in her "Amelia" colors, perhaps?) and Phoenix, be sure to check out the following sites which helped us to bring all this together:

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