Aero Update, and More on Devroom Recruitment Video

When we last looked in on the creation of the fan-chosen third Legends girl Aero, her character model had just begun to take form as Capcom's developers worked towards making her appear like the illustration fans voted for.

As you can see in the images above, there has been progress: she now has a face! And bangs, too, among other features.

Over on Capcom Unity, Koike-san gives a detailed progress report, noting that she is still quite a ways from resembling her concept art, but "rest assured, we’re just getting started here!"

Days four through seven are covered, with her eyes, goggles, chaps, and shoulders all receiving a bit of work. Plus, you too can learn about UV Mapping, which helps in the application of detail for her outfit.

Elsewhere, Legends 3 Director Mazakazu Eguchi has updated his blog with a post which further details the promotional trailer we were privy to earlier.

Among other things, he talks about the decision to produce the video, which began in early December and took around three weeks to assemble:

Appointed to this hefty responsibility was our Assistant Producer, Tomita-san, who immediately called for a strategic meeting. He, Art Director Ishihara-san, and I quickly congregated in the meeting room.

. . . What was to go in this video? Short on time, we had to decide, and fast. Plus, with the entire development staff's schedules stuffed to the brim, there was no time to create brand new video content. . . .

"In that case, get some actors in here and we'll do a live action thing!"

"Who's gonna fund that little venture?!"

"Then I, Eguchi, shall do the acting!"

"Since when did you have that kinda time?"

We bickered like that for about an hour before we finally pinned down some sense of direction.

Eguchi also reveals that the seeming overabundance of information was a deliberate decision, one that would hopefully encourage fans viewing it to watch it repeatedly to get everything out of it.

(Clearly, they didn't count on our own Heat Man screencapping and analyzing it...)

With that said, has the video helped to increase your excitement for the upcoming game, and perhaps to participate further in its development?