Legends 3 Project Promotional Trailer

Capcom Europe (as well as Capcom Unity) has released this new trailer for the Mega Man Legends 3 Project, but for the most part it just advertises the Devroom process and a few project updates so far. No real game content besides Servbot models and some quick flashes of concept artwork. Some of that stuff does look interesting, if you manage to pause it quick enough...

Update: To squeeze whatever content I can out of this video for us fevered Mega Man fans, I've extracted high res versions of the concept art screens with a little commentary. Hit the break.

Note that these images may not be representative of the content in the final game, and in fact I can't even guarantee these images are all from Legends 3's development.

Some stuff we've already seen, including Temeo City and the obscured water ruins concept. We also have new type of NPC, a bunch of NPCs in their underoos, and then images of a Servbot, Data and a Legends 1 styled Horocco which may not be from Legends 3's development work.

Here we have a very junky looking town, no idea if this is on Klickelan island or not, a launch pad likely for the rocket to save Mega Man, a mobile food stand and some kind of bike or scooter.

The only real interesting thing here is a new outfit for Roll. Perhaps it's her spacesuit? Wouldn't be very safe but then her normal attire isn't terribly fitting for a mechanic...