Capcom of Japan Taking PS1 Classics Requests

Capcom of Japan is looking to expand its library of PS1 classics made available on the Playstation Network, and is turning to fans to decide what to put up next. There are 40-some potentials titles, including the likes of Rockman DASH 1 and 2, Tron ni Kobun, Rockman 4-6, Rockman 8, Rockman X3-6 and Rockman Battle & Chase. Heck, even Super Adventure Rockman is on there. You can cast your suggestions via Twitter, first by following @capcom_retro, and then tweeting what game you want along with the hash tag #cpga2011. Capcom will be taking suggestions until January 19th. Of course, this is a Japan-only affair, but the results could perhaps affect the titles we get as well. Perhaps?

Despite being only for PS1 titles, it still didn't deter Hitoshi Ariga from suggesting Rockman Mega World.

News Credit: Andriasang