Bandai's Rockman Trading Figures Now Available Through TRU

Those who have been interested in the Rockman Trading Figures from Bandai may have already purchased them from various outlets online, but a report from Protodude's Rockman Corner reveals that there is now a new option available: Toys "Я" Us. However, don't plan a trip to your nearest location just yet: odds are, you won't find anything there.

Instead, the figures are only available through the official website of the self-proclaimed "world's biggest toy store" (does anyone know if that still applies?). For $23.99 USD (and eligible for free shipping, no less), you'll receive three randomly-chosen blind-packaged figures.

The figures are based on Mega Man/Rockman Classic, X, and Zero, with the following available:

  • Mega Man w/Met A
  • Mega Man w/ Met B
  • Roll
  • Bass A
  • Bass B
  • Proto Man
  • Mega Man X
  • Zero (X series)
  • Zero (Zero series)
  • Air Man
  • Cut Man

The reason for the online-only availability appears to be due to the fact that these are not a domestic Mega Man release, but rather, an import of the Rockman figures by online retailer Entertainment Earth, who is selling them via Geoffrey the Giraffe and his navy-clad minions.

Interestingly enough, you can get the same deal from the Entertainment Earth website, and for three dollars less. However, there is no enticement of free shipping therein.

If you would rather hedge your bets, you can also go for the Display Box, which gives you 12 of the blind-packaged figures for $84.99. There is a possibility of getting at least one of each figure in such a box, with an extra duplicate to spare, but don't hold us to that-- they are random, after all, and we aren't sure if anyone's tested the likelihood of consistently getting a full set by buying boxes.

If you're undecided about whether or not you want these, remember that they stand between two and three inches (barring the Metool accessories, of course), and you can get a better look at the actual products versus the promotional photographs in our comparison feature here.