Sigma Ruins the New Year

Over at the Rockman Online blog, Alia was about to wish all the hunters a happy new year, when suddenly the transmission was hacked and this came through:

Young masses, a new revolution is drawing near! The sun you all knew from long ago has disappeared beneath the horizon. As the new year dawns, everything you know, ladies and gentlemen, will change.

We, for example, were born as far greater beings than the humans, yet... we are bound to their principles. Throw off the bonds of the ancient humans, and join the evolution of the new generation! Yes! We will evolve and progress! For our revolution! Please do not forget the day the era our new evolution began! Yes! Once again, that new age is drawing near!

The day of the Reploids!

Until that day comes, pray you're one of the chosen... and a survivor.

Yep, that sounds like good ol' Sigma. Alia appears astonished that he came back after all, and dismays that the war is once again beginning anew.  The plot thickens...