The Megamix & Gigamix Box Set

In early January, Tanomi will be offering an exclusive box set comprised of the two volumes of Rockman Megamix and three volumes of Rockman Gigamix.* The set comes in a box with a design by Hitoshi Ariga, as well as an original post card. The whole set will sell for ¥6,861 (about $82.78 US). Chances are you've either imported these by now or are waiting for UDON to get the license to localize Gigamix. But if you're a hardcore Ariga fan, good luck! *The site actually lists three volumes of Megamix and two volumes of Gigamix, but this must be a mistake. There are three volumes of Gigamix in the complete set, and the original Rockman Megamix was condensed into two volumes under Wedge Holdings, who is the current Megamix/Gigamix publisher. The correct listing of volumes is apparent on the box image.

News Credit: CAP Kobun's Daletto Blog