Capcom Japan Opens Aero Voice Talent Voting

Over at the Japan side of the Legends 3 devroom, Capcom of Japan is opening a voting poll for Aero's (aka Sephira here) voice talent. Three potential actresses have been selected, but their names and personal information will not be published. Instead, users will vote based solely on the sound samples available. Each user has one vote to give for the performer who sounds the most "Aero-ish," and voting will run from now until January 11th. This activity has yet to be announced at the Western devroom, and because it pertains to voice talent it may not be a simultaneous contest. We will keep you updated, however. Additionally there are some other updates. You can download a lovely winter themed Legends 3 wallpaper here, along with Servbot icons and a Servbot background for Twitter. And finally, the Rocket progress has been boosted to 5%. Look at that! Our first progress!

The Western devroom should be updating in kind by tomorrow.

Update: Speaking with jgonzo from Capcom Unity, this new event appears to be a Japanese exclusive. Joveth states: "While this event will only be for Japan, we have something cooking up to keep Western devroom members busy during the holidays, in addition to event #3."

Update 2: While we may have no bearing on this event, I still did manage to get the voice samples for your perusal. Check them out after the break, along with translation.

Entry #1 [audio:|titles=entry1]

Entry #2 [audio:|titles=entry2]

Entry #3 [audio:|titles=entry3]

I argued with Papa again! Ugh, he's so unbelievable!

I need to cool off, take me some place!

Alrighty! I'll operate my best!

What're you looking at!? Hey, pay attention!

Oh, it's closed? Is it a holiday or something? Oooohh, I wanted to eat some takoyaki...

Aaah, that was scary... but, so fun, too!

Wow, honest to goodness air pirates! It's only a signal but it reeks of them!

The Reaverbot's getting closer!

Uuuuummm... sorry... I dunno!

We'll do whatever we want! We don't care what the police say!

Given some of these lines, it is plausible that Sephira is serving as spotter for Mega Man instead of Roll. Very curious...