Keiji Inafune Starts His New Company

As reported by Andriasang, while it's still uncertain what Keiji Inafune's future plans are, he is starting to hand out business cards labeled with a new company: Comcept. This comes from a tweet by a video game analyst in Japan who had a run in with Mr. Inafune. Considering all the different areas of entertainment Inafune said he's interested in pursuing, it's hard to say what he might have in the works. However, with this story coming to light, it's likely he'll elaborate some on his blog soon. Truth be told, I can't say how much we'll continue to follow Inafune's post-Capcom exploits. While he'll always be an extremely important influence on the Mega Man franchise, and we certainly like to keep tabs with the guy, if he's not working on more Mega Man games than it seems kind of illogical for us to report on him... as a Mega Man fansite and all. (After researching for links.) Apparently we have already covered this sentiment earlier. So today I am just posting a little redundantly. ;P