Your Mega Man Holiday Gift Guide

If you're still out looking for holiday gifts for pals, truth be told you're hitting crunch time pretty quick here. And truth be told, shopping online becomes something of a gamble now as we approach Christmas. But if you're willing to take a risk, or you have friends who won't take a belated gift personally, then check after the break. We've organized a nice selection of goods sure to please the Mega Man fan in your life. While time may be short, be sure to do your research! Some of these items are exclusive to specific retailers, but others you may be able to find and multiple shops, and multiple prices! And additionally, if you have your own suggestions for great Mega Man themed gifts, leave them in the comments! Just be sure it's something relatively affordable, and able to acquire quickly. I may even add it to the list!


Of course, games are the most obvious choice! Truth be told this wasn't a terribly staggering year for Mega Man game releases (although it was for announcements), but you still have a few options. Not to mention, a lot of the more recent DS titles from the Star Force and ZX series you probably still ought to be able to pick up at local stores or online shops.

Mega Man Zero Collection ($30): A pretty good value for this Nintendo DS title, containing four well received action games in one package, plus some extras. It seems the Zero Collection was released in a fairly limited production, and you might have trouble finding it at retail stores now. However, Amazon still has you covered.

Where to buy: Amazon, Toys R Us

Mega Man 9/10 ($10 each): If you and your friend have an internet enabled Wii, and exchanged friend codes, you can always buy a copy of Mega Man 9 or Mega Man 10 to gift to them. Both are great action games. Of course, they are available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as well. Truth be told, whatever system you friend has, you might just want to get them a points card instead. If there's something from the online shop they really want, they can always put it towards that as well.

Where to buy: At respective console networks. However, game point cards can be purchased at Amazon, GameStop, etc.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom ($30): Ok, not strictly a Mega Man game, but it DOES have Roll, Zero and Mega Man Volnutt. It's also pretty highly regarded as a fighting game, and definitely one of the best you can get on the Wii.

Where to buy: Amazon, Capcom Store


Oh man. Thanks to UDON you have PLENTY to choose from this year! All of these books are currently available through Amazon, with even the pricier Official Complete Works titles at good discount prices. However, you might also be able to still find them at your local comic book store, at least some of the more recent releases.

Mega Man Megamix ($12.95 per vol.): A three part series from renowned manga artist Hitoshi Ariga. Very popular for his own unique stance on the characteristics and designs of the Mega Man universe while also following the game canon pretty closely. The manga westerners have begged for over a decade long!

Where to buy: Amazon (volume 1, volume 2, volume 3)

Mega Man ZX ($12.95 per vol.): The two part manga series covering Mega Man ZX. Truth be told I am not personally familiar with this manga. However, Matt Moylan at UDON has in the past commented the artwork is incredibly gorgeous. Personally, I would also imagine the ZX storyline lends itself to manga quite well.

Where to buy: Amazon (volume 1, volume 2)

Mega Man Official Complete Works ($39.99): The all-time greatest Mega Man art book to ever be released! 200 pages of artwork spanning over 20 years of the Mega Man series. Also contains plenty of commentary from series founder Keiji Inafune and other artists who have worked on the series. A little pricy, though Amazon currently has it for a third off of its original price!

Where to buy: Amazon

Mega Man X Official Complete Works ($39.99): Like the above mentioned book, this enormous tome covers the entire Mega Man X series. Chock full of art and commentary. Sad to say, if your friend is a big Mega Man X fan, he probably already owns this! Again, available for a third off at Amazon.

Where to buy: Amazon


Truth be told, there's not too much in the way of toys and figures that doesn't require importing, which is both costly and time consuming. However, I did come up with a few things of interest. Of course, you can always try your hand at searching Amazon if you're determined. They do still have some older toys, such as the Jazwares Retro Roto figures, offered by third party sellers.

Kotobukiya Rockman Figure Kit (roughly $36): It's an import, but this is one of the coolest Rockman figures to ever be released. Sadly, Roll and Blues won't make it in time for the holidays, though I suppose they are options as well if your friend doesn't mind it being as much as a month late! A handful of online importers ought to have these. Of the two I use most frequently, Hobby Link Japan does still have some stock, and is currently offering them at 20% off.

Where to buy: Hobby Link Japan

Mega Man Kubrick Figure ($39.95): This one is a bit pricey, but it's surely one of the most unique Mega Man figures you'll ever see. Only 500 of these English edition figures were made. Comes with a clear "Bearbrick" figure with the Mega Man 1-Up emblem.

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Proto Man Kubrick Figure ($39.95): Yep, just like the above figure, but this one of Proto Man. If you buy both figures together, you can save $10! But it's still pretty expensive...

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Servbot Bobble Budd (LOL Face) ($9.95): Surprise! You may have thought these were out of stock. The original version is, but the LOL version unveiled at PAX is still being carried by Capcom. And it's a much more affordable price! Definitely a cool and unique toy; this bobble head packs up into itself!

Where to buy: Capcom Store


If your Mega Man loving friend or relative seems to have all the goods, then you can opt to let him express his fandom instead. Some interesting Mega Man themed clothing has released in recent months. Hot Topic has also carried various Mega Man themed shirts before, though currently their website does not list any Mega Man related products. However, here is some cool stuff you can get.

8-Bit Mega Man T-Shirt ($17.95): This is without a doubt the most plain Mega Man shirt you could buy. And that's all there really is to say about that!

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Mega Man 9 T-Shirt ($17.95): A much cooler shirt, this one featuring the faux retro Mega Man 9 cover art! Word of caution though, Capcom only has XS and XXL sizes available. So, hopefully the receiver is considerably small or considerably large!

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Mega Man Zero Collection T-Shirt ($19.95): A pretty cool shirt. The design was chosen as a winner from a contest held on Capcom Unity earlier this year. Unfortunately only the XL size is available at this time.

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Mega Mistake T-Shirt (starts at $18.95): A very uniquely designed shirt, and a personal favorite of mine. Any long time Mega Man fan knows the feeling that this short portrays!

Where to buy: Split Reason Clothing

Super Fighting Robot T-Shirt (starts at $17.95): Another pretty unique and stylish shirt. This would be a good shirt for the fan who wants to keep it a little toned down and modest.

Where to buy: Level Up Studios, Shark Robot

El Hombre de Proto T-Shirt (starts at $17.95): A very pronounced and striking red shirt. Great for the Proto Man fan who's feeling a bit revolutionary. Proto Man usually keeps a lower profile than this, but still a very cool shirt.

Where to buy: Shark Robot


And finally, here are just some other odds and ends that your giftee may appreciate.

E-Mug ($28): Ok, this one sort of doesn't count. Because of the huge demand for these, current pre-orders won't be shipped until next month! However it is still quite a cool gift, even if it comes late. With its huge size, that morning coffee will count! And it also comes with a custom designed coaster.

Where to buy: Fangamer

E is for Energy Tank Mug ($8.99): Or, if you can't wait, you can buy this E Tank themed mug instead. A bit more of a traditional mug shape and size, but also a bit more affordable. Actually have to wonder if this is a new product, I haven't seen it before!

Where yo buy: Think Geek

Mega Man 9 Original Soundtrack ($24.95): Ok, so technically it's the Rockman 9 soundtrack. Semantics schmemantics! While not terribly new, this is a great gift for the Mega Man fan or video game music lover. Over 30 tracks of delicious Mega Man 9 chiptune music!

Where to buy: Capcom Store

Mega Man Star Force 3 DS Protection Kit ($14.95): For the avid DS player, this kit will give you a protective shell for your handheld. Comes with replaceable face images themed after Mega Man Star Force 3. Also comes with three game cases, a stylus, and an 8-bit Mega Man screen cleaner. Comes in both DS Lite and DSi version.

Where to buy: Capcom Store (DS Lite version, DSi version)

Mega Man Re-Stik ($50): Hau-kay, wow. This is definitely for only the most cravenly hardcore Mega Man fans. And for the cost you'd better like them a lot! These are specially designed, restickable Mega Man sprite wall stickers. These stickers will greatly Megafy any room or office.

Where to buy: Blik, Capcom Store