Mega Man Gets a Little Wordy

Recently, a lot of buzz was made around numerous video game websites when an image of Mario surfaced, comprised entirely of words describing the Goomba-stomping, gorilla-chasing, princess-dating plumber hero.

And now, a second image in this style has appeared, featuring none other than our favorite heroic, metal-bodied, robotic, Wily-defeating savior.

Admittedly, this image is a little wordier than the hero himself often tends to me, and it seems to go beyond Mega Man himself and cover some other aspects of his series ("Roll," "Proto Whistle," etc.), but it's a cool piece nonetheless.

Cooler still is that LevelUpStudios is offering the design as a t-shirt for $17.99 (men, Charcoal Gildan) and $18.99 (ladies, Navy Blue Soft Style), with an estimated shipping date of December 15th, and U.S. orders to arrive before Christmas.

Source: 4 color rebellion, via GoNintendo