Mega Man Legends 3 Event 3: The Townspeople

Things certainly are cruising along with Legends 3 development. Coming a day early (more or less), the Townspeople Event has now kicked off at the Capcom Unity Devroom. We have been given a selection of townspeople (see above), and there are two separate projects available to give these people life. In the first type, you have the opportunity to name one of the townspeople, give them a personal background and a memorable quote for them. The second type is a bit easier. Here you can pick a character and come up with a line for them to speak about a particular topic of your choosing.

Additionally, to give us some helpful background info, Capcom has also posted a bit of info pertaining to the new location in Mega Man Legends 3! In this post we are introduced to Klickelan Island, Teomo City, and its residents! With lovely concept art to boot, this should be quite tasty for you info-hungry MML fans.

While both tasks seem like a bit less work than the Bonne mecha design, there are still strict regulations pertaining to how many letters you can use for names, lines, etc. Play close attention to these to make your entry count! Both contests have a fairly long run time - they will run from now until January 5th. The winners will then be announced on January 14th , likely while we're already neck deep in another competition!

Get on over to the Capcom Unity Devroom and give these characters some life! And don't forget to vote for the Bonna mecha design contest!