Mobile Rockman 9 Goes a Little Easy

Rockman 9 released for purchase on mobile phones in Japan earlier this week, adding to a long list of Rockman games supported by cellularly. And we now know of some features this edition includes. First of all, it is reported to come with all the DLC that could be purchased optionally via the console versions. However, if playing the super hard mode doesn't meet your fancy, that's not a problem either. This Rockman 9 also comes with a "Rookie Mode," which starts you off already having three E Tanks and an M Tank. Additionally, there are fewer enemies in stages. If you live in Japan, you can "rent" the game for ¥315 (roughly $3.80 US) a month, or purchase it for ¥525 (roughly $6.33 US). And if you don't live in Japan, well, just keep playing it on console I suppose!

News Credit: COCOROG